A few happy clients that are using Princess Cosmetics.  They all agree that it is a great cosmetic line!    When you are looking good, you're feeling good and can go on to do good.


Forty-something? Wow!   She is a Summer with blonde hair and blue eyes. She starts her daily routine with a serum, sun protector moisturizer and eye cream . Her cosmetics are all from Princess Cosmetics. Her make-up routine is:   pink splash color corrector, light cool foundation, pink glo finishing powder and rose glo as a blush. Her eyeliner is blue at the bottom and grey on top. She wears brown-black mascara.  Of course,  she never goes to bed without cleansing her skin and applying her princess night time moisturizer and eye cream.


This preteen is keeping in simple.  With her blond hair and green eyes, she is a Spring. She is wearing Princess Sun Protector Moisturizer, followed by Peach Glo finishing powder. She is also wearing Princess Peach lip gloss.

Warm Autumn

She is warm Autumn (she can wear some of the spring shades) she has olive green eyes with brown hair. She chose the Princess sun protector moisturizer, Peach Splash color corrector, Princess Warm Light foundation, Peach Glo Finishing powder. She also applied Peach Glo Illuminating powder as her blush. She appliedprincess brown mascara, and green eyeliner under her lower lashes and plum eyeliner over her upper lashes.  

No matter what age you are, Princess Cosmetics USA is here to provide cosmetics you'll love


This teen is a Spring with blonde hair and blue-green eyes. First we applied Princess sun protector moisturizer. Followed by the Peach Splash Color Corrector, finishing with Peach Glo Illuminating powder. She wore a peach lip gloss. She wore eye liners: aqua at bottom lashes and purple at top lashes.


Another forty-something who takes care of her skin.  She is an Autumn with her blonde hair and brown eyes. Her routine is, serum, sun protector moisturizer, she applies  Peach splash color corrector, warm medium foundation, peach glo she applies apricot glo as her blush. Her lip color is an apricot gloss. she always cleanses her skin at bed time and applies Princess night eye cream and night moisturizer.


This Winter senior citizen is perfectly ageless, appearing many years younger than she is with dark brown hair and blue eyes.   Her daily routine is: serum, sun protector moisturizer, lilac splash color corrector, cool medium foundation, rose glo finishing powder and rose glo finishing powder as her blush. She is wearing Princess rose color lipstick.    And, you guessed it, she never goes to bed without cleansing and moisturizing.