Princess Cosmetics USA

We want to be Your Favorite Makeup.  All products are based on YOUR Color needs Warm and Cool Shades

Princess Born Beautiful Mineral Foundation

Is a pure mineral and gluten free make-up foundation for all ages and skin types. Each of the products can be worn with or without additional make-up.  Choose your skin tone shade for Cool or Warm.  Our  products are packaged in a jar that twists to open and to close. You can control the desired usage.  

Princess Splash Color Corrector

Improves and balance skin tone to bring out your best!  These are in Warm, Cool and Neutral shades.  Neutral works for everyone.

Princess Born Beautiful Illuminating

The Born Beautiful Illuminating Finish Powder is commonly used after you apply your makeup foundation, but you may also like to use it alone. Born beautiful makes your skin look like you were born with beautiful skin. 
The Cool shades Pink and Rose highlight and brighten the skin. The Neutral shade Lilac balances yellow or olive skin tones which makes the skin appear more neutral. The Warm shades Peach and Apricot add a natural tint to warm skin. 

Princess Cosmetics USA   has your correct color(s) based on a complimentary color analysis. When the correct colors in makeup foundation are chosen, you will never have a drawer full of make-up that you are not using because it was the incorrect shade(s). You will not only look good, you will look smashing.. When purchasing make-up foundation, always keep in mind to wear your make-up, never have your make-up wear you.
Princess Cosmetics  carries a line of skin care, eye products, lip products, liquid mineral foundation and blushes. 

Princess Cosmetics  has not forgotten the teen and pre-teen, we have suitable make-up products for them